Firstly,  it is best if you are not clear on specific equipment that your swimmer should have, please reach out to your swimmers coach and they can advise  you!

Marlins has  an equipment room, which is located upstairs by the viewing area at the pool.  Trevor Hartarre is our executive in charge of equipment. He has training suits, TMSC caps (latex and silicone) and an assortment of goggles.  Although Trevor is around most times, his schedule is quite variable. It is advisable to contact Trevor at: to  not only confirm a convenient time for you both, but to provide him an idea of what it is you are after.  Payment to me can be cash or cheque made out to TMSC.

Other equipment such as fins, hand paddles, kick boards, racing suits, pull buoys and swimming bags are not routinely available at the pool. The best way to order this (or any) type of equipment is through the Team Aquatics website  Go online, browse the items, add to card and then proceed to check-out. Once at checkout, you will see a box called Discount Code. Enter marlinsrock to get 10% off!  This code can be used by family and friends so spread the word. The more we use it, the larger the credit TMSC gets from Team Aquatics at the end of the year. You can order swim bags from them and get them customized with TMSC logos in Timmins.  Shipping is free if total is over $100 I believe. Shipping is fast.