The Fundscrip and Shop and Support programs raise money for the TMSC club while spending money on items that you would normally buy in your everyday life through a retailer gift card. All of our swim families must participate in this fundraiser.  You can search Fundscrip at

Here’s how it works: you order a gift card through the link listed above for a desired amount (ex.$100.00 at Canadian Tire) and you receive a $100.00 Canadian Tire gift card. Fundscrip will then donate a proportion of the total amount of the gift card to the TMSC.  The proportion varies depending upon the retailer but range from about 2 % up to 10 %. For example: Through Fundscrip the TMSC gets 4% from the sale of Canadian Tire gift cards (hence from a $100 CT gift card, $4.00 is the amount that is raised towards your fundraising commitment). It’s that easy! Recruit your family members, your workplace and friends to help support your swimmer and raise your $250.00 faster!  Most families that participate in these programs were able to earn their commitment and it did not cost them anything extra out of their pocket.

Your options for raising the $250.00 are:

1. Pay the $250.00 in one or two separate payments and don’t participate in the program.
2. Order gift cards and start raising money towards your $250.00 family Commitment.

If you continue to purchase gift cards after your $250.00 is earned, 100% of your funds raised go directly to your swimmer’s account!

Because this is a mandatory fundraiser, at registration we will be collecting two $125.00 cheques. These cheques will only be deposited if your family is not participating in the program.  MORE INFO TO COME ON THESE DETAILS