The Fundscrip and Shop and Support programs raise money for the TMSC club while spending money on items that you would normally buy in your everyday life through a retailer gift card.

All of our swim families must participate in this fundraiser.

You can search Fundscrip at

Here’s how it works:

You order a gift card through the link listed above for a desired amount (ex.$100.00 at Canadian Tire) and you receive a $100.00 Canadian Tire gift card. Fundscrip will then donate a proportion of the total amount of the gift card to the TMSC.  The proportion varies depending upon the retailer but range from about 2 % up to 10 %. For example: Through Fundscrip the TMSC gets 4% from the sale of Canadian Tire gift cards (hence from a $100 CT gift card, $4.00 is the amount that is raised towards your fundraising commitment). It’s that easy! Recruit your family members, your workplace and friends to help support your swimmer and raise your $250.00 faster!  Most families that participate in these programs were able to earn their commitment and it did not cost them anything extra out of their pocket.

Visit: to create your account.

If you have an account already, visit to place your order.

Select Hold for Pickup at Club Wednesday as your shipping option. Cards will be shipped in batches to the Club and Ann Marie will deliver them to you at the pool.

Your requirement is to raise $125 by Feb 1, 2018 and an additional $125 by May 31, 2018. (Jr. Dev must raise $100 – $50 by Feb 1, and another $50 by May 31)

If you continue to purchase gift cards after your $250.00 is earned, 100% of your funds raised go directly to your swimmer’s account!

Because this is a mandatory fundraiser, at registration we will be collecting two $125.00 cheques. These cheques will only be deposited if your family is not participating in the program.