Changes to Bingo

Hello TMSC members:
The bingo place was recently sold. From that sale a few changes were made that affect us. 

As of January 2018, OLG requires all their volunteer to read and sign off on the AODA material. 

We will have an envelope at the pool, labeled AODA forms,
there will be a few blanks in there for you to sign – you may also print off the forms below and return to Helen at


Bingo revenue is one of the most important sources of revenue to the TMSC.  Parents must commit to working their share of bingos. The number of bingos to be worked will be determined by the total number of bingos and the number of swim families. Parents can expect to work at least 2  bingos a year. The Bingo schedule will be available the day of registration, allowing parents  the opportunity to sign up for the dates that are convenient.

The bingo director will collect  undated cheques of $200.00 each at registration. If a parent does not present him or herself or a replacement at his/her scheduled bingo, the Bingo Director, Helen, will deposit the cheque.  As well, the bingo director will advise the head coach that the swimmer is not allowed in the pool until the parent has met with the bingo director to discuss the missed bingo. The TMSC president will also be notified.

If parents have a scheduling conflict, they must arrange for a replacement. We strongly urge parents to either switch bingos with another parent, or hire other Marlin parents to work their bingo (typical fee is $40), should they be unable to make it. The Bingo Director will have a list of volunteer parents who are willing to work extra bingos.

If you are willing to work extra bingos please let the Bingo Director know.

The Bingo Director can be reached at:

Please note that arrangements must be made between yourself and the replacement parent directly. Once your arrangements have been made, please e-mail the Bingo Director and the other workers working that bingo.

A copy of the bingo schedule is posted here and also in the pool lobby on the Marlin’s Bulletin Board, along with a list of volunteer parents.

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario requires that  2 volunteers be present at all times during the bingo.  You need to be at the bingo hall by 6:00 pm and you finish about 9:30 pm. There is a dress code and it consist of black (dark) dress pants, white collard shirt, collard t-shirt, or a collard white blouse and comfortable shoes to walk in. No sandals or open toes.

Should the OLG rules of clothing and not having volunteers present, the TMSC club will lose their share of funds.  For not showing up, the TMSC loses 1/2 the shares, while improper clothing is a lost of 1/4 of a share. Potential share loses are costly and could be more than $300 per session. Should the club experience too many “fines/share loses”  TMSC may have our bingo license suspended. Please keep in mind that bingos are a vital part of the club’s fundraising efforts and do significantly reduce each family’s fundraising commitment during the course of each swim season.