Head to Head Jan 6, 2018 with Dominique Bouchard

Hello Marlins Families,
The Board and Coach Tracy are very pleased to inform you we have secured Olympic swimmer, Dominique Bouchard to come to Timmins to host a training session. Dominique will be leading this Head to Head Training session  in Timmins on Saturday Jan. 6th  We will be sending out more details, but I do need confirmation from you right away.
The Training Session with Dominique will be as follows:
3-3:45 pm – Talk Session – This session will be held upstairs in the pool, and is open to all Marlin Swimmers.
4:00pm – 6:00pm – Pool Session – This 2 hr pool session is open to Marlin Swimmers who are Junior B and up. ** not all junior B and up swimmers will be doing the entire 2 hrs, we will need to break out the swimmers, however, need to know who is committing to this pool session. Once we have this information, we can then tell you who is in the pool at what time with Dominique.
Cost to attend the pool session for  Junior B and up is $60 a person.  The talk is free for Marlins swimmers.  Please let me know of your swimmers commitment of the pool session by Dec. 15th, as well as your $60.  I am sure you are excited about this opportunity as we are!

Elf Extravaganza – Dec 15th, 2017

The Elf Extravaganza is an event that we put on for our swimmers every year. It is a team building activity to get all of our swimmers together to have fun, get to know each other better, race and give back to the community.  For the past 15 years that I have been the coach at TMSC the swimmers have donated over 60 gifts to children less fortunate in our community. Every swimmer is asked to bring an unwrapped gift on the 15th of December to donate to the Father Costello’s Community Center. The donated gift can be anything you wish to purchase for the donation.
Our annual Elf Extravaganza will take place on December 15th. This will be a sanctioned time trial as well as our Christmas Party for the swimmers. TMSC swimmers will be split into two teams, Blue and Gold. Swimmers will choose a maximum of three swims for this events. There are two components to this competition, races and team cheers. Swimmers on each team will have to come up with team cheers that reflect the team color they are on. Three swims, three team cheers. The results of the races will determine the team who scores the most amount of points in the races and the timers who are officiating at the meet will determine the team who wins the cheer competition.
Warm Ups for this time trial will start at 3:30pm, heats will start at 4:15pm. The pool segment will finish at 6:30 – 7:00pm.
After the swimming sessions swimmers will come upstairs and have a pizza dinner together. The swimmers can also participate in a gift exchange that will take place after dinner. If your swimmer would like to participate in the gift exchange they should bring a wrapped gift that is gender neutral, age appropriate for our swimmers and does not exceed a $20.00 amount.  (It is a gift exchange game that is played so you don’t know who will end up with what gift).
As for all TMSC Time Trials that are geared to have all of our swimmers in attendance, I will enter every TMSC swimmer into the time trial. If your swimmers will not be able to attend please email as soon as possible as I need to assign the swimmers to either the blue of gold team so that they are equally balanced.
Coach Tracy

NEOR #3 JAN 20-21 Hearst

Please sign up ! 
Advise Coach Tracy and Carla : TMSC Transportation know. 
**email sent with sign up sheet**
Hotel Information for NEOR 3 
January 20,21 in Hearst:
Companion Hotel 1-888-468-9888
Here is confirmation on your group reservation Timmins Marlins Swim Club
Total 23 rooms on 2nd level
22 standard rooms with 2 double beds
1 standard room with 1 double bed
Group Rate $121.70 plus tax
Arrival Date: Jan 20 2018
Departure Date Jan 21 2018
Conf # for the group is #153845
Our Check In Time 3pm
Our Check out Time  11am

Our Standard rooms have mini fridges, coffee machine and hair blowers As
mention on the phone the parents can call in to pick up a room in the
Timmins Marlins Group and will provide own credit card and info.
Your CUT OFF date is Dec 20 2017 where I will you a call and update you on
rooms not picked up if any.

Raffle Tickets Due Dec 8th 2017

A quick reminder that all raffle tickets must be sold by this Friday, December 8. Ticket stubs must be returned to Carmen. She will be at the pool this week on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30 pm to collect them. She can be reached at

We have a couple books of tickets to sell for our awesome Marlins Raffle. Is there a family out there that would like to sell these tickets? Please let Carmen know!!!


Team & Individual Pictures

Club and Swimmer Pictures

The date:

November 28th, 2017 During after school practice.
**please note that individual pictures will be taken before and after group photo; all swimmers are to attend practice that night in order to have their pictures taken**

The cost:

$35/ swimmer

The forms

**please note that these forms must be completed and brought to the pool during pictures along with payment on November 28th, 2017.

The package:

(2) 5×7 individual photos: 1 Formal pose &  1 Water pose
(1) 4×6 Sponsor Photo: Either a copy of the formal, or water pose with a “thank you” message.
(1) 8×10 Group Photo of the Team & Coaches
The Extras:
Additional 4×6 prints available at $3 each
Additional 5×7 prints available at $5 each
Additional 8×10 prints available at $8 each
The Details:
All photos will be available digitally in 3-5 business days. Handouts with photographer information and digital portal instructions will be available the day the photos are taken. Prints will be available within 7 business days after the day they are taken.
***Formal pose w/ towel over arm and Timmins Marlins’ personal abbreviation provided by the photographer.
Colored smoke background will be Photoshop in.*** Photographer will have an assistant present to aid in organizing the photos.we can first photograph half of the group’s formal and water photo, organize a group photo, and proceed with the other half. 

Please bring completed form and payment to picture day.


I’m a newly trained photographer who loves to capture images wherever I can find them. I will edit your photos and get them back to you in a professional manner as timely as possible

Don’t be shy to let me know what exactly you’re looking for, be picky, it only helps me shoot exactly what you want.

I have a range of availability daily, and will do as best as I can to book you in as soon as possible. If you need a last minute photographer, I will do my best to accomodate your needs.

Please view my “Book Online” page to view pricing and availability.

I look forward to meeting you, and catching your favourite moments!

Brooke Dugas

Time Trials Nov 11, 2017

Nov 11 7am-9am
*will replace the practice
-All swimmers are entered, if your swimmer can NOT make it please advise, otherwise see you there!

***Can you help out? Be a timer? Strokes and turns? **

Contact if you can

Carla will be accepting payment for TOP FISH & GATINEAU at Time Trials.  To make alternate arrangements please contact her at

—-Meet fees will be accepted up to November 29th for Gatineau.——


Head to Head training camp

Saturday December 9th
Head to Head Swim Clinic at the Laurentian Pool with Olympians Martha McCabe & Dominique Bouchard.

The clinic will be focused on turns and technique in the water, and race prep and nerves in the classroom session. All details are here:

**don’t forget to use FB groups for carpooling!


Top Fish – Kapuskasing

TOP FISH – Meet package.

warm ups at 12, first swim at 12:45

Sunday November 19th 

**don’t forget to use FB groups for carpooling!

Meet fees were emailed.

Carla will be accepting payment for TOP FISH & GATINEAU at Time Trials.  To make alternate arrangements please contact her at

—-Meet fees will be accepted up to November 29th for Gatineau.——