Update: Please see following link for information on the meet details:
 A decision was made, by Swim Ontario that Team Champs would no longer be supported going forward. This decision was made late in the season.  Since we are in what we call the “long course’ portion of the season, the focus was on finding a long course meet that fit within our schedule.  Another challenge is that most long course meets fill up early and quickly, and are invitational in nature. We have just received approval, and have been accepted into the Gatineau Invitational Long Course Meet, May 5, 6 & 7, 2017 in Gatineau.
Since this is transition year, the Board of Directors approved a  one time only, swimmer subsidy for this Gatineau Invitational  LC 2017 meet. The transition being, in that this Gatineau LC meet is taking the “place” of the Team Champs meet.  Therefore, for every swimmer attending the Gatineau Invitational LC meet, you will receive $200 per swimmer.  Two caveats to receiving these funds: 1) your swimmer must actually go and compete and 2) you will need to show proof of receipt.. ie. hotel bill, gas slip etc. The TMSC will provide monies into the swimmers account upon  #1 &#2 above.   This decision to provide this subsidy for this meet is a one time/for this meet only.   It is our expectations that TMSC continues to attend this long course meet in the future.
A list of swimmers who have in season qualifying times is found here:  Gatineau Long Course May 2017 Qualifiers.   The sign up sheet for Gatineau LC meet will be posted week of Feb. 27th at the pool.   Hotel details can be found under Members  Only section.