Swim Meet Information

There are a number of swim meets held thru out the swim season (September to June). Please do not be overwhelmed at the listing of the swim meets, as not all meets are for all groupings.

The different meets can be broken down into the following types:

  • In house
  • Developing for 12 and Under
  • Developing – All Ages
  • Invitational’s
  • Regionals
  • Festivals
  • Provincials
  • National Meets

TMSC’s meet schedule provides opportunities for opportunities for our swimmers to experience and compete in all the meets above.  Attending swim meets is up to each swimmer with the guidance of their coach. No swimmer is required to attend meets and may swim their entire career without attending competitions. New swimmers, if possible, are encouraged to attend in-house competitions before traveling to out of town meets. Swimmers should also be aware that the coaching staff has the ability to hold back a swimmer from attending a meet. Swimmers that do not attending practices regularly, who do not participate in their practices while there or have had a disciplinary action with the swimmers code conduct will be reviewed by the coaching staff, the Board to determine if the swimmer should be able to attend the meet.

 Should you have any questions about swim meets, please do set up a time to have a conversation with your swimmers coach.

You can find a DRAFT Meet schedule here.