2017/18  Timmins Marlins Executive

The Marlins Swim Team is a non profit organization, run by a Board of Directors. The Board is composed of the following positions:

President – Deb Weedon                  cedarforest@hotmail.com
Vice-President – Trevor Harterre   tmscequipment@hotmail.com
Treasurer – Laura Genier
Registration – Lynn Michaud           tmscregistration@hotmail.com
Fundraising – Carmen Swartz          tmscfundraising@gmail.com
Meet Manager – Gertjan Bekkers    tmscmeetmanager@hotmail.com
Officials –  Chris Salvador                 tmscofficials@hotmail.com
Transportation – Carla Dolanjski    tmsctransportation@hotmail.com
Bingo – Helen Brison                         gpare@gmail.com
Communication – Jennie Leblanc   tmsccommunication@hotmail.com

Secretary – Kierstan Parr
Past President – Cheryl Holland

Executive Roles Summary

TMSC Executive meetings will normally take place once a month and, when available members are welcome. Members who wish to have an item added to the agenda of the executive meeting may do so by contacting any executive member at least three days prior to the meeting. Members will be notified if the item is on the agenda and the process for discussion.


  • Coordinate the activities of the Club
  • Chair executive and general membership meetings
  • Work in close liaison with the region
  • To interface with other clubs, Swim Ontario, and any political bodies
  • To represent the club at Regional, Provincial, Municipal and other meetings or functions as necessary
  • To be available for parents
  • Signing the Head Coach Contract

Vice President:

  • Presides over meetings and runs the affairs of the club when the President is unavailable
  • Performs jobs as assigned by the President


  • Works closely with the President to ensure that the activities of the club are recorded and that effective and widespread communication is maintained
  • Keeps an organized file of minutes and correspondence
  • Ensures that notices of Motions and Action Items are included in the agenda
  • Records and promptly circulates minutes of the meetings
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the President or the Executive


  • Has accessibility and time to perform banking duties
  • Handles all financial transactions of the club
  • Sends regional levy and completed forms to NEOR treasurer
  • Ensures Club signing authorities are changed as required.
  • Verifies coaches hours and issues cheques
  • Liaises closely with the President and the Executive
  • Prepares, coordinates and monitors the Budget
  • Prepares and keeps financial records
  • Presents financial statements to the Executive and club members as required
  • Settles all Club accounts and maintains swimmer’s accounts
  • One of two people authorized to sign Club cheques
  • Ensures Club credit card is current

Meet Manager:

  • Organizes ‘at-home’ swim meets
  • Applies for sanctions from the Regional Sanctioning Officer for any meets to be held
  • Completes meet report forms and returns to the Swim Ontario office within seven (7) days of any sanctioned meet.
  • Sends meet results to Swimming Canada
  • Returns completed Gold Bonus forms and sends the cheque to the Swim Ontario office following each meet
  • Liaises with the Officials Director, Billeting, and Concessions groups
  • Coordinates Regional meet activities with the Head Coach and the Executive
  • Ensures that any records broken (club, regional, provincial) are noted by the appropriate bodies
  • Orders ribbons and medals as appropriate
  • Seek meet sponsorships


  • Properly staffs club swim meets and to fulfill club obligations in the staffing of regional, provincial, and other meets
  • Arranges for Officials Clinics
  • Encourages others to progressively upgrade in officiating
  • Works with the Regional Officials Representative to make sure that the necessary stepping-stones for Officials progression are provided
  • Recommends to the Regional Officials’ Representative, to have qualified persons at meets to observe club Officials on deck while they work in positions in which they wish to become qualified
  • Keeps updated the qualification record of club members and the local non-members who regularly assist at meets
  • Provides the Regional Officials’ Representative with updated and valid qualification records on a regular basis
  • Updates the club records and tracks Regional records for club references
  • Works closely with the Transportation Director and Meet Manager


  • Organizes Swim-A-Thon activities. Must be familiar with Swim-A-Thon policies and procedures (or know where to get them). This person is responsible for sending the monies to Swim Ontario before the due date)
  • Liaises with the Treasurer, and the Registration Directors
  • Coordinates fundraising activities
  • Liaising closely with the Communications Director Promotes fundraising activities locally in the media
  • Applies for the proper licensing as required and ensures compliance
  • Suggests ideas to the executive for fundraising opportunities to ensure that revenue obligations can be met
  • Seeks out volunteers to lead fundraising activities
  • Forwards financial report and monies collected to the Treasurer within one month after completion (this is actually a policy)


  • Looks after club membership; registration and club affiliation with Swim Ontario
  • Collects membership fees and all applicable fundraising cheques(i.e. gift cards, etc)
  • Liaises closely with the Treasurer, Fundraising, and Transportation Directors and the Head Coach
  • Issues a current membership list, monthly, to the Executive, the Head Coach and others as required
  • Informs the Swim Ontario office of any changes in the membership list as soon as possible
  • Registers all coaches with Swim Ontario and with CSCTA


  • Is willing to be responsible for all aspects of team travel including, transportation, accommodations, availability of meals, support staff, costing
  • Works closely with the Officials Director, Treasurer, Head Coach, and out of town meet managers/billet co-ordinators
  • Decides, in consultation with the coach on mode of transport, departure time and meeting place
  • Calculates expected cost to the swimmer for attending meets
  • Collects transportation and meet fees
  • Designates room assignments and finalize hotel bookings
  • Arranges for qualified Chaperones, informs them of the details of the trip and designates a head Chaperone
  • Provides first aid kits, team banner and Club credit card for Chaperones
  • Accepts reports from Chaperones after the meet and acts on any recommendations or problems
  • Arranges for a telephone chair to call parents regarding arrival times


  • Responsible for advertising the activities of the Club
  • Arranges for the press releases and media coverage
  • Creates and distributes the newsletter
  • Is responsible for the updating of the website and Facebook page
  • Ensures that articles of interest are posted or distributed to the appropriate parties
  • Works closely with the Head Coach, and all members of the Executive


  • Ensures that all applicable licenses are in place and reports filed with the city on time
  • Liaises closely with the Treasurer, and Registration Directors
  • Sets up a Bingo Schedule for all families on a timely basis
  • Selects Bingo Captains to be in charge of the sessions
  • Communicates with the Captains to ensure that attendance is maintained
  • Maintains good accounting principles
  • Ensures that internal reports are submitted to the Treasurer in a timely fashion
  • Maintains bingo kit